CBD for Pet dogs and Cats- Is it Risk-free, and Must You Use It?

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CBD or cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive portion of the cannabis plant can be pretty beneficial for our canine and cats. Dr Jones display you the prime 3 gains in 3 minutes ( or so 🙂 )

CBD for Arthritis: https://www.projectcbd.org/arthritis
CBD for Seizures: https://cvmbs.source.colostate.edu/preliminary-data-from-cbd-clinical-trials-promising/
CBD as Anti-inflammatory and Cancer Avoidance/Treatment method: https://www.cancer.gov/about-most cancers/remedy/cam/hp/cannabis-pdq

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38 thoughts on “CBD for Pet dogs and Cats- Is it Risk-free, and Must You Use It?”

  1. I have a 90lb alaskan wolf, i have a 15ml bottle organic cbd oil, i never used it before, how many drops can i give her in the day is it like 2 drops every 4 hours whats her daily spread out dose for her size she has a nasal tumour, shes doing well on organic food and veg and fruit shes gained weight but she has a discomfort from swelling on her vulva from leaking shes going back to a new vetsnary practice as i think the last one left somthing behind from a pyometra operation and shes still leaking sge needs to have some relief from that while shes waiting to go to the vets! I just need to know how many drops from a 15ml bottle, like how many drops at so many hours a day

  2. My Dog is 14 she is a chuauau and she had an ear infection . She stated coughing all the Time and I'm worried about her I don't have any money but my friend gave me CBD BUTTER and I'm wondering if how much I should give her I was gonna bake with it or spread it on something to eat… For myself and her. Do you think that would help her?

  3. Hey Dr Jones. My cat has been diagnosed with lymphoma intestine cancer. I know there is no cure. But wanted to give Alfie a chance of CBD oil. Can you recommend any particular make. Cbd oil with THC or not?
    Thanks ?

  4. Should my friend take her dog to the vet she eat some of one of those oxygen absorbet do not eat package that u find in a pill bottle or something like that .to keep them fresh and dry.please help.ty sarah.

  5. Personally I take CBD and THC for my PTSD. (So many letters. LOL)
    I just blow pot smoke in my Old dog's face. he knows it makes him feel better and he now jumps on anyone who brings weed to my home. Poor guy has Arthritis. I'll try the CBD

  6. My 110lb American Bulldog collapsed one morning and seized for 10mins straight. For the first 3 days following that he was unable to stand on his own. I was about to put him down & figured I'd try CBD oil. Within 2days he was able to stand on his own. Within 4days he is almost back to normal. Still has the mini seizures where the head shakes a bit. 1 dose of cbd oil stops that in less than 5mins. Too many great stories to keep ignoring this stuff. It works miracles.

  7. I have a general question on cbd for when I cut my dogs nails, she becomes very aggressive when cutting/filing her nails. I think it may have been due to past trauma when my mum cut it when she was half a year old and cut too far in. Would this stuff work for her to calm her down? The only ever time we were successful in doing so was when we put her in and they had to get her to sleep so she doesnt bite or trash around so she doesnt get hurt. I dont want to have to pay every time we need her nails cut and cbd will calm her down for the day so it sounds like a win-win for us and my lil pooch but want some other opinion or an experienced person to confirm

  8. Hi Dr Jones I'm from England and our cat Miss Ellie has just had a big op removing two tumours from her mammary glands and has stage 3 cancer. All we can do now is keep her safe and warm, as we don't know how long we have left. Can you tell me what amount of cbd oil we should give her as she weighs in at 3.16 kilos. Thank you for you videos.

  9. Hello! You mentioned 1ml for every 10 pounds. I have a 350mg bottle of CBD oil. Would that strength still be 1ml for every pound? My dog is 19 years old weight 5 pounds. Thanks!

  10. My 5 year old Great Dane was just diagnosed with severe back knee arthritis. The cold weather that has just moved in has almost crippled his back leg (weather affects bones and such). I was told today by someone to go and buy CBD oils for him. I was told that CBD oils concentrates itself on joints and where arthritis attacks, therefore indefinitely helps and aids in a tremendous amount. So I’m gonna go to my nearest vape store, they sell CBD oil and treats, gonna get some and start giving it to him. I hate hearing him in pain and hate seeing him limp.

  11. Is the CBD oil you use suitable for humans as well as dogs? In other words is it manufactured for animals only or is it a human one that you use for dogs?

  12. I just bought a bottle of cbd oil from holistapet. I plan to use it in Hope's to treat my chihuahuas inflammation due to his tracheal collapse. Hope this works. I cant afford the surgery so the only thing I can do is try to manage the best quality of life I can give him. I plan to ween him off the prednisone and keep him on cbd of it works. My other dog has ivdd and is currently taking gabapentin daily 3x a day. If this cbd oil works for him I'd like to ween him off the gabapentin as well. I'm a desperate dog mom and I hate giving them meds that do further damage after prolonged use. Thank you for being so informative and knowledgeable in your videos. Bless you Sir ♡

  13. CBD works great for anxiety….My Great Dane is a rescue and she is very anxious and nervous all the time….the CBD made a big difference in her ability to relax and be calm.

  14. will this cbd oil be good in my 9.5 year old hound dog, she has been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. Do you agree with the comment below from Peter Joseph? oil has lab tests, is c02 extracted and is full spectrum? thank you.

  15. can I give CBC oil to a 10lb rabbit? Also can I give my pets the same CBC oil I use myself? I use remade CBC oil but also make it using CBC isolate crystals and olive oil

  16. Can I put CBD direct into my Persian cat eyes as she has black bloody gunk coming from them every day she is 12 years old and she has artheritis along with teeth and gums issues

  17. Your the best Dr. Jones'…..you sure helped me with my little toy poodle Nikki….his hot spots are completely gone and your instructions were very clear…black tea…who knew!! lol…blessings today and everyday.

  18. Will CBD help my dog with liver disease? I just found out she has changed her diet but not happy with the Vet, he wouldn't give me a straight answer. Can anyone here let me know if the CBD will help my dog. Thank you.

  19. My dog is very anxious. I have a 12 yr old mini dachshund whose separation anxiety/frustration barking I've been battling for a few months. I'm moving to an apartment (currently in a duplex) in a few months and I'm terrified that I'll get noise complaints. I've been talking to the vet and we might try a different medication to see if it'll help. If anyone has more suggestions I'd love to hear them.

  20. Two dogs Elvis and Macchia (◄ Spot ). When I go away in the morning, they start EXACTLY 30 minutes after I left to howl … 1 minute then stop … after 30 minutes (or less or more) and they start again. At a certain hour they stop maybe because they realize that howling does not bring me back.
    Can i give them CBD to calm them ?
    Also i read somewhere that CBD should be given 3/4 times daily, which i can't do … Their weight is 17 Kg for Elvis and 15 Kg for Macchia.
    Answer appreciate !!!

  21. Dr. Jones I live in Alberta, Canada and ordered your CBD oil plus the advanced canine supplement on June 27, 2019. As of July 30th, 2019 I still hadn't received either, so I emailed FourPaws the company you have your products through. I was told that on July 2, 2019 the shipment of both items were stopped at the border and then lost. Four Paws said they will no longer ship to Canada because of shipments being stopped. I don't understand when cannabis has made legal throughout Canada. Are you aware of this ?

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